Five Stones

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Child with StonesIn July of 2011 Mike Burns was invited by the director of HOLD the children (Htc), Rich Rohde, to accompany him to Haiti on an administrative trip.  Mike accepted the invitation and in September of that year joined Rich in Port-au-Prince.  The dire poverty and recent destruction from the 2010 earthquake made an indelible impression on him.  As they drove through the streets it seemed that there was a heavy sense of hopelessness in the eyes of so many.

Later, after flying to Port-de-Paix, a trip was made to an orphanage near the village of Lavaud.  It was here that Mike received a gift from a young orphan girl – five small smooth stones.  Their significance was not immediately realized, but Mike graciously accepted the humble gift and put the stones in his pocket.  A week later, after returning home and during a time of prayer and meditation, it was revealed to him that the stones were more than just a gift.  In the Spirit, Mike understood that just as God chose the shepherd David to battle Goliath, Mike was being called to battle five destructive giants in Haiti.  God was specifically charging him to confront poverty, disease, illiteracy, injustice, and spiritual darkness among the needy.  And just as David chose five smooth stones from the brook for his sling, God was providing Mike with five spiritual weapons: faith, hope, love, truth, and perseverance.

This event was a life-changer for Mike and led to the birth of Five Stones Missions.


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